At this moment where we see a global surge in destructive right-wing authoritarian governments and fascist movements, it is urgent to regenerate common spaces for (counter) political life. This regeneration calls for alternative strategies to feed and multiply liberatory-egalitarian thinking and practice. In this spirit, gathering for Historical Materialism in Ankara is more meaningful and important than ever since there is an urgent need to reclaim a progressive space which has been under a constant and increasing threat. Although we sit at the locus of impending and unpredictable eruption, we insist on the need to be in solidarity for both theorizing the authoritarianism we are facing with and strategizing alternative routes to fight against.
In this respect, we believe that the historical materialist tradition -along with all its branches- in Turkey would offer new discussion opportunities on any aspect of the regional and universal suffering of humanity under capitalism. This tradition has nevertheless proved its importance and reliability, under the long years of a growing authoritarianism -militarization, imperialist expansion, etc.-, and vis-à-vis its lasting effects in human alienation, increasing chauvinism, and degradation of what has remained from the working-class militancy, with its consistency in analyzing the developing counter-revolution, in Turkey and elsewhere. And it is also crucial to understand that this tradition would not go without the creative inventions of the grassroots movements of the last decades, and the lessons drawn from this rich experience. So, we strongly believe that the encounter between domestic and international critical scholars and activists will help us -and intellectuals of countries alike- with building up a transformative theory and politics.
Now would be the best moment for appreciating and rejuvenating this tradition with the regional and universal experience of the new, practical and theoretical. That is why we need solidarity of international community with the Historical Materialism Conference in Ankara. For building the solidarity among the different traditions facing with counter-revolution and global right-wing offensive, we invite you to take part in our HM Conference to be held at METU which has always been the bastion of radical and critical thinking.

We are excited to announce that we will be welcoming you to Turkey for Historical Materialism Conference in Ankara. The conference will be held from 10th to 12th April 2020 at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences on METU Campus.
The main theme of the conference is planned to be “Resisting the Far-Right in the Global Context.” We hope to broaden the ongoing debate on authoritarianism by focusing on how to overcome it. We expect the contribution from all over the world.

Please, spread the word!

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