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Organising Committee:

Ecehan Balta – is a sociologist and holds a PhD in political science. She is a trade union activist with particular interest in ecofeminism, agriculture and peasant movements. She is a partner of Yerkure Local Studies Cooperation.

Ezgi Doğru – holds a PhD degree in Political Science from York University, Canada. Her research interests lie in the area of political economy, state theories and urban politics. She is currently a faculty member in the Sociology Department at Anadolu University.

Saygun Gökarıksel – is currently an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Boğaziçi University, Istanbul. His writing focuses on authoritarianism, law, memory, communism, and revolutionary politics, especially from the viewpoint of the European East and the South. His writings have appeared in journals and blogs including South Atlantic Quarterly, Dialectical Anthropology, Comparative Studies in Society and History, LeftEast, and Jadaliyya.   

Ali Yalçın Göymen – holds a PhD degree in Political Science from Istanbul University. He is a member of the Editorial Board of Praksis Journal. The theory of alienation and the ongoing debate on the commons are among his areas of interest.

Ali Rıza Güngen – is a political scientist whose research focuses on dependent financialization, state transformations and public banks in the Global South. His articles appeared in The Journal of Peasant Studies and New Political Economy and he published extensively on the political economy of the emerging economies. Dr. Güngen co-edited the 2019 book The Political Economy of Financial Transformation in Turkey, published by Routledge, and is the co-author of Financialization, Debt Crisis and Collapse: The Future of Global Capitalism (in Turkish). His new book Politics of Debt: Financial Inclusion in Turkey was published in 2021 (in Turkish). Dr. Güngen has served as a member of the executive board of Turkish Social Sciences Association. He is the editor-in-chief of social sciences journal Praksis and is currently Middle East Studies Association Global Academy Fellow. His recent research inquires the limits and possibilities of the uses of public banks for an equity-oriented post-pandemic recovery in the global South.

Özgür Narin – is a member of Social Research Foundation, SAV, Turkey. He is an Associate Professor of Economics at Ordu University. He studies on the capitalist production of science and technology, particularly innovation and the changing scientific labour process. His current research is on Artificial Intelligence, “General Intellect” and the alternative reorganization of social production and society. He is also a member of IstanbuLab, an independent platform engaged in critical and constructive studies of Science, Technology, and Society (STS) in Turkey.

Özgür Orhangazi – is professor of economics at Kadir Has University. He published extensively on financialization, financial and economic crises, and alternative economic policies. His recent research focuses on concentration and monopolization in the US economy and financial fragility and crises in Turkey and other developing economies.

Cihan Özpınar – is a political scientist in the Department of International and Global Studies at Portland State University. He teaches international politics and socio-economic history. His research interests include generational reproduction of migrant labour in France and French political economy.

Deniz Parlak – holds a PhD in Political Science from Ankara University, and is doing a second PhD in Political Anthropology at European University Viadrina, Frankfurt Oder. Her research interests lie in secularism, religion-culture relations, the political economy of Islam, and gender. She is a member of the Editorial Board of Praksis Journal.

Paul Reynolds –  is a member of the Editorial Board of Historical Materialism: Research in Critical Marxist Theory, and one of the organisers of the London Conference  (HM – http://www.historicalmaterialism.org/). He is also co-director of the international network for Cultural Difference and Social Solidarity (CDSS –http://www.differenceandsolidarity.org/) and the Co-Convenor of the International Network for Sexual Ethics and Politics (INSEP –  https://www.insep.ugent.be/ ). His areas of expertise are sexual and queer theory, politics and ethics, Marxist and radical theory and politics, and intellectuals and critical literacies  

Aylin Topal – is an Associate Professor in Department Political Science and Public Administration at Middle East Technical University. She is a member of the Editorial Board of Critical Sociology and Praksis Journals. Her research interests lie in political economy of (rural) development, agrarian change, food politics and and state-capital-labour relations under neoliberalism. She is currently the General Secretary of Turkish Social Sciences Assosiation.

Galip Yalman – is a graduate of the Middle East Technical University, Department of Political Science and Public Administration, is an Associate Professor (emeritus) of Political Science in the same department, at the Middle East Technical University. He received his MSc. in International Relations from the University of Southampton and his PhD. in Development Studies from the University of Manchester, UK. His research interests extend from state theory to international and comparative political economy. He is the author of Transition to Neoliberalism: The Case of Turkey in the 1980s, İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi Yayınları, 2009; co-editor of Economic Transitions to Neoliberalism in Middle Income Countries, Routledge, 2010, and Political Economy of Financial Transformation in Turkey, Routledge, 2019. He was the local coordinator of a Seventh Framework Programme of EU, called FESSUD (Financialisation, economy, society and sustainable development) on behalf of METU. He is currently the President of Turkish Social Sciences Association.

Onur Yildiz – holds a Ph.D. degree in Political Theory from University of Essex. He is interested in radical theory, democratic politics, populism and political uses of art. He was the Senior Public Programmer of the cultural institution SALT in Istanbul.

Cemil Yıldızcan – is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at Galatasaray University. His main research interests and publications lie in governance, central-local relations, and state theory. His current researches revolve around critical human geography with a particular focus on diverse (social/solidarity) economies and grassroots initiatives.


The organizational committee of Historical Materialism Istanbul 2022 can be reached at: hmistanbul2022@gmail.com

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