Historical Materialism Istanbul Conference 2022

Systemic Fragilities and Counter-Strategies

You can download the Historical Materialism Istanbul 2022 Conference Program here.

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We would like to announce that due to requests the submission deadline is extended to January 22, 2022. Please be noted that there will be no more extensions.

Organizing Committee

Ecological breakdown, immense precarisation of the working-class, and the rising states of exception are all symptoms of extraordinary times. And the systemic contradictions of global capitalism have never been so sharp and clear.

We are inviting you to Istanbul to discuss the chronic fragilities of the capitalist system and with what circumstances these fragilities provide us regarding strategies. We are also pleased to host panelists who would contribute to the enrichment of the intellectual arsenal of Marxism in general.

Our Conference will be held at Kadir Has University from 15th through 17th April 2022. See you there!

The Contact:
The organizational committee of Historical Materialism Istanbul 2022 can be reached at: hmistanbul2022@gmail.com